Moroccan Sloughia in desperate need of veterinary care

She was found on the streets like this



This poor Sloughia was picked up by the SFT – Le Sanctuaire de la Faune de Tanger, in Morocco on 2nd October. As you can see she is extremely sick.  She has been taken to the vet and put on a drip as she was so dehydrated.




She is emaciated and has a horrendous skin condition



The vet is doing multiple tests to see what is wrong with her and working very hard to get her well again. She has tested negative for leishmaniasis but needs to be tested again in a few weeks. She has very sore skin which is not mange, they are still trying to determine what is causing this. The biggest concern is that she is severely emaciated and they would rather get some weight on her before doing other multiple tests. She is on a hepatic diet (and loving it).



At the veterinary surgery


The SFT currently have 500 animals to take care of and rely on donations to keep helping all of these animals in Morocco.  Of course all of this costs a great deal of money, so the Sloughi Fanciers Association of America is asking for donations on their behalf from the Sloughi community. All money that comes in will be donated for her care and if the vet bill is not met, the SFAA will top up the donations to make sure it is covered for this sweet Sloughia.


3 days after being picked up




If you wish to donate something to help with this Sloughia’s care, please send donations to the SFAA Rescue Fund.  If you mark your payment so that it goes to ‘Friends and Family’ then Paypal will not take a percentage of your donation.  You do not need a Paypal account to donate, if you click on the donate button it gives you the option to pay by a Credit or Debit Card.



We will continue to update this page with her progress.


9 October – UPDATE


The Sloughia’s skin is a little better and she is drinking and eating well. But for some reason she is still incredibly dehydrated. She is going to need lots of tests to try and diagnose what is wrong with her.





Here is the bill so far which comes in at 500 Euros.  If anyone would like to donate even just a few euros, every little helps.   This dog is relying on the kindness of strangers so if you could spare just a little money for her care it would be much appreciated.





UPDATE – 13 October 2017

I’m very sorry to say that this sweet Sloughia did not make it.  Tests revealed that she had a mass in her abdomen so the vets needed to operate.  Sadly when they went in they found that she had liver cancer that had spread everywhere, so the humane thing to do was to let her slip away peacefully.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated for her care.  This meant that her last 2 weeks were comfortable, she had everything she needed from her carers, instead of dying a slow and agonising death on the streets.

Just sorry that there was no happy ending for her, I know she touched the hearts of people within the Sloughi community across the world.