Opus – Rehomed

Opus Sloughi

Opus has been adopted

Opus is a very special 2 year old male Sloughi, currently in Alcace, France, who is looking for a home. He was abandoned by his homeless owners, skeletal and extremely frightened of the big wide world.

He was lucky enough to be fostered by a vet who has taken extreme care in giving him all the help he needed to start to adapt to his surroundings and new experiences.


Opus Sloughi


He is still nervous of people that he doesn’t know and will bark at strangers through fear (although warms to people quicker if they have dogs with them). So he needs someone to keep working with him on this.

Once he knows you he is extremely affectionate and just wants to be hugged all the time. The more you hug him the happier he gets.

He needs at least one hour of good exercise per day. He can be walked off lead although has typical sighthound distractions (but he rarely goes far). He loves playing with toys on his walks and free running. He makes little jumps of joy when he is loose.

Opus SloughiHe is currently living with a galga, 2 cats and 2 rabbits. He is ok with the cats but at the moment, only with close supervision.

As you can see by the photos he is good with dogs but again, care should be taken to introduce him with smaller dogs in particular.

He can be rehomed with children over 8 as long as they are introduced carefully.

Opus SloughiHe has started to gain weight but still needs help with his overall condition. He can now hike up to 4 hours a day so his stamina is greatly improved. He is improving all the time with his socialising as he is taken for walks with other people and dogs, to a canine club and at the vet clinic. This is something a new owner needs to keep working on.

He is a really sweet dog who is looking for that special someone who has the experience to continue with his training and someone who loves to hug dogs.