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Dominique de Caprona Sloughi BookDominique Crapon de Caprona’s book on the Sloughi is available for purchase  An excellent read for any Sloughi enthusiast.

Available to purchase from here in the UK or Europe

Available to purchase direct from Author here in the US

Proceeds of the sale of this book go to support SFAA’s activities for the breed, including rescue.

Members of the SFAA have followed the Sloughi Rescue situation in the UK with interest, and offered much support and advice. This has been very much appreciated.


'The Sloughi 1852 - 1952' Dominique Crapon de Caprona’s second book
‘The Sloughi 1852 – 1952’ is now available to purchase. Including:

The first descriptions, the first portraits
Sloughi in the Arts, Literature, Paintings, Sculptures 
Sloughi Legends 
The First breeders in the Netherlands, Germany and France 
Sloughis in the Countries of Origin 
Sloughis in Racing and Coursing 
Sloughi and Other Huntings breeds. 
The First Standards in France, Germany and the Netherlands.

100s of illustrations, photos and engravings 
Fabulous 19th century artwork in color 
Texts from France, Germany and the United Kingdom
Original standards and their translations into English

Another must read for any Sloughi enthusiast!

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