What is a pedigree?

The pedigree of a dog is the document in which the ancestry of a dog is recorded.

The official pedigree shows the name of the dog and its registration number with the names and registration numbers of his parents, his grand-parents, his great–grandparents and so on. Depending on how long the lineage is known, a pedigree can have no generations or many.

Oftentimes Sloughis imported from countries of origin have no recorded generations in their pedigrees, which does not mean that they are not pure-bred.

Not every pedigree has complete generations at each level.

When looking at a pedigree the names at the top of each pair are the males (in blue), the names at the bottom of each pair are the females (in red)

This is the 4 generations Pedigree of El Emin Schuru esch Schams
Coefficient of inbreeding of 4.88 %

Understanding Sloughi Pedigrees

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