About The Website

About The Sloughi Rescue WebsiteAfter a number of Sloughis in the UK in 2005 had been taken into the care of the RSPCA, I was concerned about how these dogs would be re-homed given their poor physical and mental state.  The UK Sloughi Club, at that time, had no official rescue.  So I decided to set up a website publicising these wonderful rescue dogs, and with the kind co-operation of the RSPCA centres where the dogs were held, was given permission to use their photos and descriptions to further help these dogs in need.

Since then the UK Sloughi Club has set up an official rescue and although we are not part of the club, we work closely together with them to help Sloughis in need in the UK.

I realised quite quickly that there were many Sloughis that were appearing in rescue in Europe so the website started to expand and eventually included rescue Sloughis in Europe and the US.

With the rise of Social Media, the original website closed as the Facebook page seemed an ideal place to promote Sloughis in rescue.

However, after speaking with friends in the Sloughi Fanciers Association of America in 2017, I decided to re-build the website. Not just for promoting Sloughis in Rescue, but also as a resource for breed information and somewhere that promotes responsible breeding.  The Sloughi is a rare breed, but too often is exploited by breeders who want to make money or massage their own egos by having a rare breed.  As I have never bred or shown dogs, I cannot be accused of showing a bias towards certain breeders.  I am only interested in welfare and the preservation of this noble and ancient breed.

I was very happy when Kate Antolick agreed to help run the new website with me.  Kate has a long history of working with rescue sighthounds and rare sighthound breeds.

We hope you enjoy the website!

Caroline Mathews